Cyber Monday 2020

  1. The discount is globally available based on the ANCA list price.
  2. Price shown is approximate, exchange rates, local pricing, shipping, and taxes will influence final prices.
  3. Prices do not include shipping, handling, or taxes
  4. Placing an order reserves the discounted price until Friday 4th December 2020.
  5. If payment terms are not agreed by both parties by Friday 4th December 2020 the order will be cancelled.
  6. The discount is 40% only for selected software (BSB option of ToolRoom RN34, ToolDraft, Management Suite, CIM3D V9) and 30% for selected accessories (GDS adaptors, GDS collets, Piranha coolant lines)
  7. Customers must be a member of the ANCA club to redeem the discount.
  8. The discount is only available for orders placed on ANCA shop from November 27-30, 2020.
  9. The discount does not apply to shipping, installation, service, training, or any additional hardware or software required.
  10. After placing an order on the ANCA shop, the local branch will be in touch shortly to provide an invoice and finalise the payment.