Piranha Premium Coolant Line TX Headstock kit 1/2"
Piranha Premium Coolant Line TX Headstock kit 1/2"
Piranha Premium Coolant Line TX Headstock kit 1/2"

Piranha Premium Coolant Line TX Headstock kit 1/2"

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This wheadstock kit for the TX includes all necessary components to build a single coolant line with max length of 220mm. Includes one angled multihole nozzle. Internal diameter 1/2"

Cooling plays a crucial role in grinding process protecting the workpiece from thermal damage, caused by intense heat generation. To avoid workpiece burn, adequate amount of cooling liquid needs to be delivered precisely to the grinding point. Effectiveness of the cooling process is a function of volume and entry velocity of the coolant delivered to the grinding point as well as exit speed of the cooling medium. Properly set up cooling system will ensure suffcicient heat evacuation and lubrication ensuring quality and integrity of the workpiece is maintained.

Most commonly used cooling solutions include plastic or copper tubes which offer only limited adjustment and customisation options, often compromising the grinding performance and workpiece thermal stability. To supplement our range of accessories and provide premium cooling solution for quality oriented customers ANCA is now offering Piranha Cooling Lines.

Piranha Cooling Lines offer great deal of flexibility allowing for precise delivery of the cooling liquid to the grinding point providing correct amount and velocity of the liquid where needed most.

Piranha cooling lines system provide the following benefits

  • Easy to assemble, modular system
  • High level of customisation and flexibility in cooling line set up
  • Significant time savings due to easy assembly and setup
  • No deflection under pressure due to high rigidity of the components – coolant is always delivered precisely to the grinding point
  • Withstand pressure up to 80bar (1160 PSI)
  • Long life span, one off investment for years - made of high quality anodized aluminium featuring 60HRB surface hardness.
  • Nozzles provide laminar coolant flow allowing for targeted jet position and placing the nozzle further away from the grinding point
  • Reduced tool burn due to high coolant velocity and laminar flow